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Provisional appraisal plan with 70% guarantee PSA appraisal agency Pokemon cards only

Provisional appraisal plan with 70% guarantee PSA appraisal agency Pokemon cards only

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Easy shipping + 70% guarantee! We recommend the provisional appraisal plan!

I want to try PSA appraisal for the first time! I don't know how to do it! I don't have time... etc. Leave the detailed procedures to us! This is your chance to increase the value of your cards!

If the PSA10 score falls below 70%, we will refund your appraisal fee! (Click here for details on our guarantee)

[Easy 5 steps]

① Application and payment for provisional appraisal (※1st payment)

Please order the number of cards you wish to apply for. ( Customers using the 70% guarantee must order 15 or more cards.)

The first payment will be the agency fee only. (The second payment will include the PSA authentication fee.)

After confirming your order, we will send a provisional appraisal tool (sleeve/protective case) to your address.
An application form will be enclosed, so please place your card in the case and use cushioning material to prevent the product from shifting.

*In the provisional appraisal plan, Kanucard will provisionally appraise all cards. We will select only cards that are likely to achieve a PSA10 rating, and the remaining cards will be returned to you.

Please understand that for both the normal plan and the provisional appraisal plan, it will take approximately 2 to 3 months for the item to be returned.

② Conduct a provisional appraisal and report to the customer

After provisional appraisal, any body cards that do not meet our standards will be returned within 10 days.

If the card you have deposited is damaged
・If the item is still under provisional appraisal, we will refund you the declared price or the current market value of the card.
*We will take a video of the package you have entrusted to us from the moment it is opened. We will only refund you if the damage was caused by our negligence.
-If the item is currently undergoing PSA authentication in the United States, refunds will be processed according to PSA's standards.
*Please refer to the PSA website for information on PSA's standards.

③PSA Appraisal

We will make the request directly to PSA in the United States. (We do not provide a tracking service for cards.)

*There is no specific work required from the customer.

④After the appraisal is completed, make payment (※2nd time)

Once the appraisal is complete, we will send you a payment email.

The second payment will be for the appraisal fee.

After confirming your payment, we will return the item to you.

⑤ Transaction completed

Once we have confirmed that there are no problems with the card you requested, the transaction will be completed.

thank you very much!

【Price list】


・Only Pokémon cards can be appraised.

・Please note that we cannot authenticate altered cards such as signed cards or replicas.

・If the card you have entrusted to us becomes damaged, we will refund you in accordance with our company regulations. For details, please see the appraisal service order page.

・Personal information provided will be used only for appraisal services and related business.

For details, please check the terms and conditions before entering into the appraisal agency contract.

[What is PSA authentication?]

PSA is a grading company recognized worldwide, which rates cards on a scale of 1 to 10 depending on their condition.

A perfect score of 10 is only given to cards that are in perfect condition with no flaws such as scratches, stains, appearance, etc. This is not easily removed, making it a highly valuable item.

After authentication, the card will be returned in a special PSA case, which not only protects the card from scratches, but also minimizes damage to the card from UV rays, moisture, etc.

If you would like to obtain a "genuine card" authenticated by a third party, please consider this product.

We aim to provide a safe and secure transaction for all our customers.

For other details, please check the terms and conditions of the website.

*For other frequently asked questions, please see the Q&A.


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